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Best Place For Sunday Lunch

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Why offer the lease on restaurant premises for tender? Isn't the idea that someone invests and establishes a good reputation? Seems very short-sighted.

Has anyone noticed how bad all the H&B offerings have become. Same stuff at all the pubs with no individuality

Get yourself to the Ginger Hall. Food is mighty and an excellent Sunday lunch. 

My biggest current gripe is finding somewhere where the roast is not all well done!! It seems everywhere serves their roast well done!! :(


Try the Swiss Chalet then - joint goes from well done at the 'small' end to beautifully medium rare at the bigger end: you choose which end your meal is carved from.

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...if you like bog-standard pub grub.


And the most ignorant fucking staff imaginable.


Only been two or three times, but I don't think there's anything like pub food on the menu. It may look like a pub, but I have had worse food in some expensive restaurants. I couldn't fault the meals at all.


Didn't have any problems with the staff either.

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Just tried the Queens.

Big meals, decent fresh side salad.

Fast service.

Can't fault the place.


Good food and watch the bikes go by.


Spot on.


edit to add.


Went again today.

More good meals.

(fewer bikes about though)

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Not exactly lunch, but we ate at the Bay Hotel in Port Erin tonight: fantastic! Top notch food at pub food prices. We will be going back.

Never been to the Bay Hotel Gladys, but might make an effort now you've suggested it.


Ok, been today. Sunday 21st September

Lovely view on outside, needs doing up inside. Tables and chairs and decor needs some investment.

Meal ordered, 1x Roast beef Sunday lunch and a childs Roast beef portion. Cost £7.55 large, childs £3.80 total £11.35

took half an hour for meal. Note: It was a busy period and I heard that there was a group of 15 arrived before us in other room.

The meal consisted of: Large portions of beef and had broccoli, carrots, small boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, large yorkshire pudding and a lovely gravy. The veg had a nice buttery type of taste

(There didn't appear much difference between the large and small portions, although they were on different shaped plates)


I would suggest that they number the tables to assist the waitress and update the interior.

It did look busy, but half an hour was pushing it, although the two staff worked very hard for their money today.

I thought that the meal tasted ok and gave it my personal guide as a 7/10 for food quality.

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