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Nu-rave, Breakz, Dnb, Old Skool, Garage............

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Chill ya Techno boots, that was quite a mouthful on ya last quote, there is no bitterness here mate, maybe your end, as for not supporting you that IS a joke, some of us were working fella, i was working a rota of 3 Saturdays a month when i was working in my last job, so excuse me for having that 1 weekend for me time.


Give me a shout and i'll come and do a slot, or has it all gone too far now?

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I'm a trance dj, but still play 3 1/2 hours of upfront house, electro and tech house, then 1 1/2 hours of trance on a Saturday at Nightlife (shameless plug), the majority is really upfront, 4 months + before release, but i get slated by a small minority of Abba freaks,fuck em.


My facebook group dedicated to the night has nearly 300 members, some cool videos and funky photos, a recent mix uploaded by Ricky Rooney of Full On fame, and Ramsey producer Wez Boltons new remix of Adagio for strings. the haters have a massive group of 20!


I also hand out 20 new mix demo cd's a month, continually trying to give people here something, although most complain they don't like nightlife itself, what else is left over here, no Breeze, Venue, Toffs etc.


Its not everyone's cuppa but if you want fresh music in a club here please come up, say who you are and gimme a request.


At least have a look for yourselves at vids etc (although most are trance, doing a few house/electro ones this week), i am trying my best at keeing it fresh, its managed to slowly build and build over the last 2 1/2 years to now, where we are at capacity and one in one out at the door by 12.15-12.30, a little gem in the north? you decide.


Opinions etc welcome.




Pretty much summed it up there mate. You can't have an underground scene on a narrow minded backwards island. Simple as.

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