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Gears Of War 2


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Oh god that long??? *sighs* Hopefully it flies by then! Im soooo dying for it to come out lol


Hehe halo 3 was good and loved that game too! Just wait for the 4th to appear then which isnt long!

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in a word...WOW


played through the first couple of chapters last nite, amazing...it's funny it feels like the same game but the improvements can be felt from the start. The guns feel like they have more weight and power, the enemy AI has been smartened up ( watching them revive downed comrades whilst you're in the middle of reloading is unsettling ). The graphics are phenominal the best use of the Unreal Engine i've seen ( which is no surprise really coming from Epic ).


All in all a fantastic game, pure unadulterated macho fun


this exchange made me giggle...


Carmine - What are those glowing things? Flowers?


Marcus Fenix - What do I look like? Some kind of fuckin' botanist! :lol:


If you enjoyed the first in anyway this is a must have, can't wait to try the online co-op aspects!

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finished it last nite ( thanks to Ray for jumping in and helping out ), great campaign ( the last few levels are amazing ). Had a few games on Hoarde, now that is a fun online game-mode...


Looking forward to trying it, glad it's not shit. Really want to make the most of fallout3 before getting gears, and left4deads out next week!

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