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[BBC News] Banned pitbull seized on island

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What a waste of a healthy dog.


Kept out this thread as wanted to see what would happen, Yep pointless, no history of violence at all, yet you see all these owners being dragged along by big dogs, hows that controlled?.... :rolleyes:


The pitbulls that have attacked are normally either trained (ie gangs, plenty of stories of that), or its a one off the same as any other dog, why couldn't they have an agreement that in public a muzzle could've be put on champ?


Exactly... dogs only attack once.. because their caught and put down after the once... so to say its never done it before or shown aggression is no agrument at all... and I go back to what I said before.. if you own an animal you should be made to sign a contract that makes you 100% accountable for its actions.


that collister/callister?? bloke said on the wireless that it had gone for a neighbours dog and a neighbours cat on previous occasions according to police reports, so perhaps not the innocent pooch we are lied to believe??

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I hear she's thinking of contacting the BBC's Ruff Justice programme.

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Blimey, you should go to Nobles Park, I walk my dog up there and I see dogs attacking each other all the time.


It's just a shame that Champ couldnt be re-homed. It's not like the dog said I know I will break the law and come to the Isle of Man.


The owner has to take the responsibility but I dont know why the dog couldnt of stayed at the MSPCA until a suitable home had been found instead of putting a DEADline on it.


I just find the whole thing rather sad actually.

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or its a one off the same as any other dog,


I'd rather be attacked by a Jack Russell or Labrador than a Pit Bull


I'd rather be attacked be attacked by champ than champs owner.


But which would you rather shag?

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What's the guessing on the identity of the owner?


Shaved head, blue adidas traky and big white trainers? Sounds like another fuckwitts dog brought in by a fuckwitt owner.



The owner of this dog is actually a girl I work with who has had the dog for over 5 years and it has been registered with the government since it was a puppy. I personally think that the fact it has been seized by the government is appauling.


The dog has been seen by a behavioral specialist who has said the dog is perfectly safe.


I think the comments are above are pathetic... stereotyping people without knowing any backround is not fair. Think before you post!


After spending ages reading this thread it seems that the sultan was actually not to far wrong with his guess. Did you really think before you posted that drivel?



Admit he was wrong the shaved head though.

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Conspiracy theories abound - Manx authorities criticised in Champ case.


Don't know how much truth there is in it, but I heard from my government source that Champ had not actually been put down, rather he'd been put up - sold on to the Russians for an unmanned space mission. Solved the governments probs, and Champ was apparently keen with the promise of a packet of schmackos and a chance to investigate Pluto's ring.

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Conspiracy theories abound - Manx authorities criticised in Champ case.


if she passed the details on chances are DAFF looked at it themselves. DAFF aren't going to go back to a do gooder member of the public and conduct an inquiry through them as a third party on rehoming the dog. organ grinders only. there was some bloke on the moaning line going on about how wrong its all been, but his rant appeared based on 'sarah's truth' so the misguided fellow was talking out his arse. a mate of hers tells me she has now had her hair dyed black?? is this artificial inteligence, a show of mourning, or an attempt to be not recognised by money donators who want it back?? answers on the back of a five pound note to S Kneen, cloud cuckoo land.

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