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Reccommend A Driving Instructor?

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I'm looking to actually get round to learning how to drive and pass my test!


Can anyone reccommend a good instructor and let me know what sort of prices I'm looking at for lessons?


Cheers :)



Lee Helwich @ Prodrive think its £26 per hour..

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Andy Bridgeon - bridge Tutition, 5 of my friends and family including myself have passed first time with him and he is really friendly and patient compared to some other instructors .

I think it is a standard £25 - 26 per hour for everyone on the island apart from maybe MSM because they give you some extra stuff, not sure what though booklets or cds.

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Peter Stewert aided myself, my wife and my brother in passing our tests. Good instructer with lots of patience. He cost £23 per session about 3 years ago, so I am sure his prices will have risen since.

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You've got lots of recommendations here and I can't offer any more but I will say don't be afraid to change instructor. If you don't get on with him or her then your driving lessons are going to be difficult.

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Yes, my daughter is starting driving in a week or two and I noticed the £20 lessons in the courier too, 206060 I think the number was or it could have been 208080 hmmm.....anyway, I was wondering who it is and what they are like, any info would be appreciated :)

thanks you


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