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I'm very disappointed at the loss of Driftwood, but totally respect the business decision based on the lack of reliable supply of fish.


I really liked Driftwood but only ate there 3 evenings. On the other hand I also really liked the Route 66 diner and used to eat there a couple of times each week (- from the time I moved back until soon after it got taken over and stopped being a nice place to go).


all day breakfast 1: Evening Meal 0


And if, later on, he decides to put on evening meals then that will be a bonus.

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For a Burger cest la vie was nice today the bbq steak burger was well nice

Route 66 will have a lot of hard work it used to be nice will it be again

we will have to wait and see

had a roquefort steak burger in there last week, as smelly as a tramps sock, it was lovely like.

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