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OMG - 22,000 people dead! Thats mental. There was a program on a while ago about Tsunamis - they reckon one is due (in the next millenium or so) that will wipe out the coast of America, possibly Hawaii (or similar) will drop loads of rock into the sea and then the wave will come, or go - it was an interesting prog but the reality is very sad. No need to slaughter chikens though.

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The Red Cross have launched an appeal.


To donate.


Tel. 08705 125125


Or send cheques made payable to.

Asia Earthquake and Floods Appeal.



British Red Cross






Oxfam and Christian aid are also getting involved and probably Unicef.

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Did I hear correctly on the news, but didn't some american earthquake monitoring station pick up details of this Tsunami when it began and they didn't know who to telephone to warn it was on its way?


I saw this on the news, however they did say they knew about the earthquake but due to factors like geology of the sea bed ect.... they wern't sure about what the impact of the quake would be.

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