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Once you hit level 80, what quests are there left to do, and what's the purpose of doing them? Same for professions, i hit 450 in tailoring and alchemy and it's been of no use to me whatsoever. Whatever i can craft and charge for, someone else will probably do for free. I'm not disagreeing that the game "can" be fun, i just don't see what fun things there are to do once you hit 80. We even did a 5 man Molten core etc just for the hell of it, and yeah it was amusing.


I agree about rushing to level 80 though, i already had a Priest at lvl 60, and decided to start a new character with my friend (the hardcore guy!) and we hit 80 in around 3 weeks. I was pretty bored afterwards because he was always back on his main, and i didn't really have anyone to play with. I joined a guild easily enough as i had good epic gear, but got bored of the raids pretty quickly


Well it still makes my willy hard.


If I ever saw a real woman dressed like an Orc, I'd probably ejaculate to death, and then swallow it all just for good measure. (Even though I was already dead, from Orc ejaculate.)

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well here we are again! ;)


took 8months off but have just dropped back into Azeroth ( terrokar.eu realm ) just wondering if anyone wants to join me on levelling/enjoying a new toon? I've just started a gnome priest but am willing to roll another casting class...


ps. I'm blaming "The Guild" on youtube for my relapse ( codex ftw ) :ph34r:


pps. my toon is called "fellagh" ( alliance gnome priest - lvl 10 ) ;)

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I must admit I have also slipped back into WoW. Been playing about 4 weeks now and am at lvl 40 with my priest. On a server called Kilrogg and am playing undead race. First time I have played Horde and am loving it.

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WoW is a better game now than it's ever been.


Some may bemoan the fact that it's no longer 'hardcore' enough, that you don't have to spend six hours in a 40-man raid with exactly the right set of fire resistance gear equipped to get a new sword off the last boss if you win the roll against ten other players - but for normal people, the changes that Blizzard have made over the last couple of years are all for the better.


Most recently they introduced the new 'Dungeon Finder' system, which is a cross-server 'find a group' mechanism, click one button, choose which role(s) you can perform in a 5-man group, and then simply go about your business (AH, questing, farming, whatever) - when your group is assembled you confirm a ready check and you'll teleport straight inside the dungeon of your choice with the rest of your group (or any random dungeon matched to your level/gear if you've chosen the random option), and when you're done the game teleports you straight back to where you were before you started.


As it's cross server it makes finding groups for the common class (DPS) a lot easier, with wait times usually measured at around 5 minutes. (Tanks and healers usually get a group within seconds of course :D)


You can also be in an existing group with 1-3 known friends on your server, and then simply PUG the last required member(s) using the Dungeon Finder system too - it can be a real life saver when one member of the group has to leave, as the new group member(s) are teleported straight into the dungeon with you.


That's just one new thing they introduced in the last patch, on top of a massive raft of other changes that have been made incrementally over the years. There's no getting away from the fact that elements of WoW will always be a grind, and even that's being addressed in the next major expansion (probably November this year) whereby Blizzard are ripping up the starting zones and pretty much doing them all over again, getting rid of all those awful drop quests and completely revamping zones that even they admit are awful, like Azshara - http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/every-ol...-to-be-revamped (Bloodscalp Ears anyone? Shudder......)


WoW is really two games, there's getting to 80, and then there's the 80 endgame, both are absorbing and challenging in their own way, personally speaking I have a character playing endgame 80 stuff and still have a couple of characters levelling as well.


The 80 endgame used to be pretty inaccessible unless you were prepared to join a serious guild and really put some hours in, but that's been relaxed quite substantially now, so you don't need to wait up until 2am hoping to get a 'second chance' slot in a raid to see the full endgame content. (There are usually LFGs available for 10/25s in the evening anyway, although no guarantee of a good group.)


That said, only the best 10/25 groups will complete the hardest encounters in the game, where the very best loot can be had, so there's still something for the really serious player to aim for.


Oh yes, to those who are levelling, you can get a 150% speed flying mount in Outland at Level 60 now, which makes levelling in Outland an absolute joy.

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