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Fallout 3


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Body part + spike = impaled on the nearest wall.


just a quick warning, the Reiley's Rangers quest takes fecking ages...i've been on the quest for nearly 2 hours and still haven't completed it ( however this may be down to my sneaky sneaky play style, setting up chains of frage mines and then getting 4 supermutants to come charging in at me! hehe )

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still not found the dog...nevermind i'll discover him at some point during my adventure. Hit level 16 the other nite, actually actively hunting supermutants in the DC area, watch out for the Mall. Loads of them hanging round there with mini-guns and missle launchers ( next play-through i'm powering up big guns as I can't use a mini-gun for shit on this character build ).

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I am stuck trying to find the family....any clues?


It's the train station one, if you find the Ghoul who asks you for Sugar Bombs go into that room and there is another little room with a manhole cover and some radioactive shit. Go down there follow cave, follow flaming barrels.

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I've just got to Megaton, but it keeps crashing when I go in certain buildings, different each time... try again tomorrow :)


Are you on a legit version? I've heard some of the warez releases have had problems, and have released patch fixes. I've not had a single crash with the game.


If you are on a legit version, you might want to try the reloaded warez release, in case it's the safedisk causing the crashes (if often is).


Not condoning piracy blah blah, but sometimes the releases work better. I bought spore, and its safedisk DRM wouldn't work on my computer, so I had to download a dodgy copy just to install the damn game. Daft.

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OK I'm sick of looking for the dog can anyone give me a clue?


made the dart gun last nite, makes dealing with any kind of melee enemy a doddle as it instantly cripples both legs by 1000 points, meaning you can run around picking them off at will...


actually started on the main quest ( after 34hours of side-quests ), i think i'm hard enough to deal with it now ( level 18 nearly 19 ) :lol:


seriously though can someone please point me in the direction of the dog!


thanks :D

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