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Fallout 3


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pretty dissapointed with how early this game finishes, just when it feels as though the story is in full flow, it just ends..

terrible. anyway, really enjoyed it, but I think I may just bring it back to GAME and swap for Fable 2..

anyone played that? can anyone recommend it?


Loved fable 2 when I first bought it, but got very tired with it quickly. There's just not that much to it, and it's very easy.


Did you do all the side quests and wandering in fallout 3? I've been playing it daily since release and I'm still not done with it.

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We did the same, completed the main story line in what felt like a few hours, now playing again with all the side missions and the game is massive.


Still haven't found Dogmeat tho!



I loved Fable 2, lots of humour, again the game will be over too soon if you ignore the non-essential bits.

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havent really been looking for xbox games for a fair while, but have just finished Fable2 first playthrough, which I loved and am looking forward to playing through as a baddy this time hehe.... had heard good things about fallout3 and will be buying that next, thanks for all the reviews guys, looking forward to playing it!


Ariel xxx


xbox live tag = arielpayit4ward

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agreed, but i'm sure I read somewhere that finishing the dlc missions does give you access to a couple of new guns and some rather nifty stealth armour...


i'm gonna hold off i think until it comes down in price ( fingers crossed ).


edited to add here is a list of the loot upon completing the dlc ( which you can only play through once!!! :o )


Winterised T51b Power Armor DR: 45 WG: 40 VAL: 999 - Rad Res. +25

Winterised T51b Power Helmet DR: 10 WG: 4 VAL 120 - CHR +1, Rad Res. +8

Chinese Stealth Armor DR: 24 WG: 20 VAL: 358 - Sneak +15

Jingwei's Shock Sword DAM: 35 WG: 3 VAL: 358 - HP -2 (5s)

Gauss Rifle DAM: 91 WG: 12 VAL: 358

Chinese Assualt Rifle, Trench Knife, Mini Nuke, Plasma Mine ,Energy Cell (120), Missile Launcher Missile (2), Microfusion Cell (70), Electro Charge Pack (70), Flamer Flamer Fuel (50), Power Armor Power Helmet, .31 Caliber Round (4) ,Frag Mine (2), Pulse Mine (2), Frag Grenade (4) ,Pulse Grenade ,Plasma Grenade & Various Meds

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Fallout is like a second home to me these days. I didn't think I'd like it, but I played it for a bit round a mate's house and shot someone's head off. I'm easily pleased.


Whoever designed them Deathclaws - well done! I believe Satan has installed a new circle of Hell just for you.

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