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How-to: Create A Blog


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For those members that are donators (or for the moderators that don't already have one) there is a blog feature available on the forum.


For those that are not familiar with the concept, a blog is short for a weblog; basically, you post entries as often as you like, much in the same way as you would make a normal post and then other members can view your blog.


You can pretty much post what you like, but obviously the forum T&C still apply. It's a good way to let your friends or relatives know what you're up to (or, for that matter, the other members of the forum).


You can set up different categories if you want to (for instance, I have Personal blog, F1 Blog, Thoughts Blog and Dude! as my categories).


To set your blog up, go to my controls - my blog settings and click activate my blog


To add entries to your blog, click My Blog at the top of the forum (to the left of My Controls) then under your blog options on the right hand of the screen, click Add Entry.


When you have made an entry, you have the choice of leaving it as a draft or publishing it. If you want to publish it straight away, underneath the post box, there is a drop down menu that has two options. The default option is draft entry, or you can change it to published. If you don't want to publish it straight away, just click the add new post button as you would when you make a normal post; you can always come back to it later to publish it. If you choose the latter option, here's how you come back to it: 1st, click the entry options button underneath the last entry. 2nd, click the publish to web button to make your entry visible on the blog.


I hope that all made sense, if you have any questions though, don't hesitate to ask.

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Good post Mission. If I may, I'd like to add a bit.


When you open your own blog you get a Your Blog Options panel in the corner of your page. You can make new posts through this, and edit your blog settings. However there is also an option called Your Content Blocks Settings click on this to be amend the side panels on your blog. You can -


- change the order they are in

- add new blocks containing new information (for example I have a Hello My Name Is Declan gif, a disclaimer, and a list of other mp3 blogs I like)

- change the content of these panels.


If you are puzzled by the appearance of the Trackback option on your blog, this url explains what it is and what it does - Trackback.

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