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I hate to say it but I doubt you'll find one product alone that can deal with multiple infections.


The only sure way to get rid of them is to rebuild your PC from scratch but is a complete pain in the arse. Depending on what you use your PC for it might not be necessary. Just don't do any internet banking or anything similiar. I'd stay away from anything which needs your password - even your email.


How did these things get on your laptop in the first place? They don't get there by themselves.

I'd recommend Kaspersky software but haven't tried any others recently which may be better.

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I recently purchased Bitdefender.




It totally ran my computer into the ground. Loading up the computer would take at least 5 mins... and if I tried to do anything more than opening a web browser within the first 20 mins of loading the computer, it would often freeze - thus, making me have to turn off the computer and repeat the process.



The only way out was to simply delete the software again!


I only had it for 3 weeks... and had paid for the full year. Absolute waste!

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Im behind a router and dont currently use any anti virus/firewall software. This bit me in the ass a few months ago when my Girlfriend Managed to install the virus that is doing the rounds on facebook. You get sent a message from an infected friend and it ask you to click a link to watch a video. You are then prompted to install a codec which is the virus.


My girlfriend got warned and i have since ditched IE for Firefox which automatically blocks sites like the one above.


Got rid of the virus using this guide-




Still wasnt happy though so did a full reinstall. then took an image of my c drive( I split my main drive with 25gb for XP/3rd party programs) so i can easily and quickly get back to a safe setup if things go tits up(ive taken a few images since as well). My media is kept on 2 other internal drives.


As someone mentioned you cant rely on just one program to get rid of all infections. When needed i use the following-



Superantispyware(when i was sorting out my sister in law's pc this is the only program that would get rid of some very nasty malware)

SpyBot - Search & Destroy

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware


They are all easy to use and will get rid of most malware. If theres anything left after runnign the above then google is your friend.

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I've been using AVG as a virus scanner and Windows Defender (or Microsoft Antispyware, whatever it's called this month) on all my machines for the last couple of years and they've protected me well (and haven't cost me a cent)

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Run Windows Defender, AdAware and Spybot S&D, then a decent AV scanner (I'd go with Concrete's suggestions). Once you're clean, create a new admin-only user account and change your daily-use user to a 'Limited' account. Doing this, along with keeping Windows patched, will vastly reduce your chances of picking up crap.

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I had Norton, out of date but always updated itself, which was quaranteening them but never getting rid. Every now and again it'd update and ask if i wanted the quarantined items fixed, which i'd click yes to, and it was never able to do it. So i installed the demo of Zone Alarm PC suite, which i've been happy with, it got rid of all the problems i had and let me know whenever the computer was trying to do something, which i could then allow or not, great. So the trial ends today, i wanted to buy ZA, but cos its an american site it only takes a credit card, of which i have none. I have adaware and spybots s+d already, so will prob try the windows defender, then buy the disc of ZA if i so require. Thanks for the suggestions and help.

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