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Manx Members Of The Bnp

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No need, it's already on places they will struggle to get it removed from.


Reminder: Please don't link it or post it here. If you really want the link, I'm sure someone will PM it to you.

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What are the limits? There's nothing defamatory about saying that X,Y,Z are on a list which is purported to be that of BNP members. That is in the public domain. Nigel Dawson's name has come up in MF discussions of BNP in IoM - which is reasonable given that his links with BNP were reported in the papers.


There could be a problem if the list is bogus - and people start making statements about someone being a BNP member if it turns out not to be true. Provided one keeps that in mind, then why not name the people on this list purported to be that of BNP members?

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You've already been clearly told. Why argue?


Don't forget that even the slightest involvement in legal issues (whether they are justified or not) has a cost implication. The forum admin is right to protect itself.


Anyway, we've been here before, so no further explanation needed really.


Look forward to the link to the new 'Skeddan' forum where we can discuss everything with impunity.........

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I'm not having you whining and complaining like a little girl about what we can and cannot do on our site in this thread too. Either shut the fuck up or get the fuck out of this thread.

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it looks only one or two on the list are actually Manx


How can you tell?


I can't. Just looks that way to me - partly because when I hear anti-immigrant bile it tends to come from English immigrants.


I've heard a fair amount of anti-immigrant bile on this forum from Manxies aimed at come-overs - usually English.



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In the big BNP thread a couple of years back they were crowing about how many people they'd recruited over here. Fifteen IOM members a couple of years later doesn't seem hugely successful

And if they lose them at the same rate that Liberal Vannin does..... :D

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The list does make interesting reading, there are some interesting notes on some members that might put them (or unfortunately their families) at risk.

My favorite two notes have to be these:


"Window cleaner. Former pig farmer. Pagan prison chaplain. Hobbies: growing mistletoe, rune making (wood)"




"Business owner (antiquities). Pubic speaker. Has two suits of medieval 14th & 15th century armour and can joust for rallies"


Any other goodies in there?






edit at add the second one when I found it

Edited by mannin
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It was a question. What are the limits here? Can one discuss Mr X being on the list? It may turn out that most on the list are retirees - and quite a different profile from the UK BNP thugs - perhaps taken in by recruiting drive pushing on policies of get tough on crime, proper pensions for ordinary British people. A 70 year old ex British army major who moved to IoM to retire being a member of BNP is hardly something to worry about. It may be that to them BNP represent no more than old style Tory party approach - and were taken in by the sales pitch. Some of those who joined might not even be aware of BNP's activities and would quite possibly not wish to have anything to do with such an organisation.

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As far as I know there is a court injunction out over publishing the list.


You can argue about jurisdiction (as you love to do, Skeddan!), but I would really listen to what ans is telling you - not here.


Publicizing that a private individual is on an illegally published list doesn't seem to me the best thing to do.


The BNP is a legal organization, people have a right to privacy and a political identity.


I am in no way, shape or form a supporter of the BNP, but there is no way I think outing them on the internet is acceptable.

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I do think it is worth still debating why people are members of the BNP - either in the UK or in Mann.


The mainstream parties have adopted increasingly tough policies on immigration, and UKIP has, in many ways, usurped the Daily Mail readers fratanization with this thuggery.


I presume the BNP still has a policy of (voluntary?) repatriation - whatever that means with 3rd or 4th generation immigrants.


As far as I can see this is their only trump card over the other parties and that would only appeal to the most extreme of bigots against the integration of migrant communities into UK society.


With regards to the Island - well I do feel there is a bit of an irony in people living on the Island adopting the standard of British Nationalism (but that said that is how I identify myself when making introductions to people too distant from Mann to understand what Manx means - and try doing it in Chinese!)


But my main point concerning Manx members of this organization is quite simply that our (non-british) immigrant populations are so small that to feel so threatenned by their presence shows a xenophobic paranoia I cannot understand. They have to be projecting the proported damage they claim is being done to UK by immigration into their own political lives - that really takes quite alot of xenophobia.

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A lot of people on the list appear to be family members, and reference is made to some who are "under age". A good way of boosting membership numbers?


I wonder how many of them are being forced to change their email addresses.


One entry that makes my mind boggle is the following:


"Membership suspended 30/03/06 (police matter re. emails). Suspension lifted 2/8/06"



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