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Browns Of Laxey

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Whatever happened to her lovely daughter?

a bit further up from the Red Cross shop - diagonally opposite, near the Irish theme pub before you get to Cash Converters.


You can't miss it. It's really olde.

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''Daisy, you may not have been at Brown's of Laxey!!! I found another website with a couple of glowing testimonials if you look at the 'testimonials' tab:''



Well having looked at those testimonials I had to check myself!! But yup the picture of the dining area confirmed that it was indeed the same place - however the menu I saw was a grubby food stained cardoard 4 page affair. The Back cover was the Sunday Roast menu. The other pages were on page 1 the Light Bites - I didnt look at that too much so cant comment. The main menu consisted of Hoagies, Scampi and Chips, Pie and Chips and food of that ilk (nothing wrong with that if its home made - but after the 'Smash' not sure it would be) - I certainly dont recall seeing any trout and walnut salad anywhere!!


It gave the impression of being a snack bar rather than a restaurant - perhaps all of the money has gone into the Indian Cuisine restaurant that wraps around Browns.


Anyway I have said enough......I'll let it lie now!!

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How bizzare !

1: Why take over a restaurant which has become a laughing stock and who's name holds no provinence and.. keep the name ?

2: Why stick to the same formula when no one really wants it and the local pubs do a great job already?

3: Why not change the decor, inside and out radically to signal new people and a new approach?

4: Why make wild claims about quality and approach and then deliver none of them.

5: Why not provide what the local community and tourist industry needs by researching the market ?


After having visited the old one, the new one and the chinese upstairs, ( sadly closed due to the success of the takeaway round the corner) doesnt the locality need a decent fish and chip shop ( take away and restaurant) ? the nearest one is Ramsey or Port jack. The bus tours full of OAP's all love fish and chips. Its near the seaside. The village is even named after a fish ! It could be a destination F&C shop like the original Harry Ramsdens in Guisley. They could even call it the "Leaping Salmon" or such like.

Add to this the range of food that F&C shops serve these days and their on to a winner.

Re-brand, new direction, give the locals what they want ! Laxey already have a great chinese takeaway, a good pub grub selection. a great Italian ( and an Indian on the way I believe!)

Doh !

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''Daisy, you may not have been at Brown's of Laxey!!! I found another website with a couple of glowing testimonials if you look at the 'testimonials' tab:''



OH booked this place for Friday 13th (ha, ha) so although I'd read daisy's review, I went anyway.


7.30pm Friday night. I was cold on arrival but it did warm up eventually. Service was slow but friendly, restaurant half full.

My first two wine choices were not in stock so an acceptable merlot (£5.50 lg glass) was produced.


Grilled goats cheese w red onion chutney (£6) good.

Homemade pork liver pate (£6) OK, both served on a salad of undressed frisee lettuce, cherry tom, sliced cuke.

Garlic bread so strong it brought tears to my eyes!

It may have been an unfortunate choice of music but I could've sworn I heard the tell tale ping of the microwave every so often.


Plaice stuffed with prawns in cheese sauce (£15) Sauce tasted strongly of smoked haddock, which I hadn't anticipated.

Small pre-cooked frozen prawns and IMHO poor quality frozen plaice, frozen chips, frozen peas, and frisee lettuce again. (OK, I might use frozen chips, peas and prawns at home but I don't advertise "food cooked fresh to order" do I)

Surf n Turf (£18) frying steak and tiger prawns in garlic butter, accompaniments as for fish. Prawns like rubber bullets and the steak actually burnt black, so it was sent back. Chef offered to re-cook the whole meal, OK.

So hubby had to steal my chips until his replacement arrived - at 10pm. A "double portion" of small prawns this time, served in the inedible nuclear garlic butter. And the chips were uncooked, still hard in the middle.

The gentleman running front of house was apologetic and did comp our drinks, explaining that they had been let down and had only two members of staff (himself, and the chef).


I'm sure it would've been better, staff permitting. But I was still disappointed and won't return.

The pub grub at Bar Logo is better quality, better cooked and costs less.

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Gotta agree, the Fish & Chips are pretty good, and reasonably priced. Which considering how awful the restaurant was is something of a miracle.


Still dont understand why especially now, they dont change the name

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My wife and I have just had the most foul take away from Brown's. For a kick off the girl who was serving didn't know the prices and just seemed to randomly hit the keys on the till, we were vastly over charged to the tune of about £5! The amount of oil that was left in the polystyrene tray was unreal, not to mention the amount that had pooled in the food itself. The fish was tough and full of bones, yes I know fish have bones but you go to Peel, Port Erin or even Port Jack (at a push) and you will NEVER find a bone in your fish. I can't believe that yet again we are being served over priced gruel and expected to put up with it. I hope who ever owns this place reads and takes note. Until then I'll be going to Peel for my fish supper.

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