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Fake Vs Real Christmas Trees.

Fake vs Real?  

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I bet Jesus loved gathering round a fir tree in the desert while at rabinnical school.


We used to have forests until these things arrived, now we have plantations.


Found one in a house I bought once, planted it in the garden, it's 12 ft tall now. I moved.


For those that do have one (for the kiddies you understand) why not get one and cut it in half vertically, as no-one looks at the back you get two for the price of one.


As you may gather, I don't like them.

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I've got a fake one, but its a really good fake one in my opinion. Bought it ages ago and it looks great.


It will be getting put up on Sunday after a big fat roast dinner, glass of wine nearby, Christmas music playing and Man City (hopefully) beating Man Utd on the tv.


God I love Christmas :D

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It has to be real!


The ultimate green Christmas - and when its finished with, chop it up and put it at the back of the garden for the birds in the spring, little bugs and stuff (which the birds love) - and it stops the cats jumping over the fence when its still all sticky and nice smelling like.

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