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Snow Watch 2009


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Damned if they do and damned if they dont!!


If they dont take preventative action - theyre wrong, WTF are they supposed to do with a shed load of whingers who seem to think they know best. ..having seen the amount of snow fall in the UK I think they made the right call - or would you rather they waited until it started to snow on cold icy roads and somebody gets killed or injured??? It may not snow but personally I think its better to err on the side of caution - and lets be honest its only a little longer to go on the coast road - and yes I am affected I live in the North of the Island.

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I've just heard that the police intend to close the mountain road at 18.30 hours in case it snows!!!!




It's like Minority report, but istead of 'Precrime' it's determining 'Presnow' - just in case, and jolly good too the Police are saving lives goddammit!!!


I've heard the NSC are running a similar scheme soon 'Predrown' - you pay your money, get changed in to your Speedos and then they close the pool just in case you can't swim and drown.

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A little longer? It takes me 25mins max to get home over the Mountain Road - If it's shut then it's a good 40mins. You can pretty much guarantee that you'll get stuck in a line of traffic following some dithering idiot holding everyone up too.


The police have suggested people ask if they can go home early tonight from work. Has anyone actually had the nerve to ask yet, when there's not even a sign of it, don't think employers will want out of town staff going home and Douglas workers all left behind.

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