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Where To Sell Painting

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can anyone point me in the right direction please


i have a painting that i am interseted in selling


but dont know where to go to sell it


it is a painting by the manx born artist nicholson it is a picture of somewhere near the calf of man


i recently had it reframed and mounted


any help would be appreciated



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Is it by JM Nicholson (died 1913) or his grandson JH Nicholson (died 1988) ?


Both of them are very collectable. JMN especially. If you advertise the painting - then selling it privately is entirely feasible IMO - therefore no need to pay anyone a commission. Obviously you would need an idea of the value to set as a reserve.


ETA: you won't get a good price selling it to a dealer. But a crafty look at what dealers are selling work for will give you a clue what to sell it for.

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Also: if it is JHN then (I believe that) it will almost certainly reach a higher price on the IOM than if it were to be sent for auction away. Also worth calling around the local auction people (Yellow Pages) to see whether any local sales are coming up - the local auctions of books, maps, paintings normally get considerable interest.

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