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New Red Dwarf


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Episode 1, didn't even raise a smile.

Watched episode 2 hoping it would improve - it didn't.

Didn't bother watching "hoping to cash in" episode 3.


Last night we watched a few episodes of RD 6 on dvd. Some great lines:

"So why don't you try it sheriff? They say you used to be faster than a toilet stop in rattlesnake country..."

"It's as plain as a Bulgarian pin-up"

Lister "That's like some barely human grossed-out slimeball" Kryten "It's all flooding back is it sir..."

Lister "Then they suck out your brains" Rimsey "Well they shouldn't bother us then there's barely a snack on board..."

Kryten "Accessing personality banks - load Arrogance."


IMHO RD6 was the best of the bunch. The Dave effort was complete and utter pants.

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