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Ancient Greeks would kill a goat, cut the hide into strips, run naked through planted fields while priests of the Greek god Pan would lash there skin with the bloody goat whips. (Now observed mainly by high court judges)

A part of their spring fertility rite, it was accompanied with lewdness, drunkenness and orgies. (A little bit like a night out in Peel)

In the early days of the Church, Leaders where appalled by such practices. This rite was considered perverted even by pagan standards, and they tried to put it to a stop. The Church was largely unsuccessful so they tried a new tactic. The early Church incorporated this spring rite as an acceptable feast before the Lenten season. The Church named it Carnival, which comes from the Latin words carne vale, meaning “farewell to the flesh.” The French named it Mardi Gras, which means, Fat Tuesday, a day of gorging oneself on meat, milk and eggs as a prelude to 40 days of abstinence.

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Thanks Keyboarder.....but I already know that bit,

Yes, that's why my post was so heavily laden with sarcasm.


its the why I'm not quite up to speed on, burned pancakes seems odd.

To flambé you would use brandy for the dish in question, the alcohol within which will burn off rapidly at a low temperature. If you do require the pancakes to burn, use petrol.

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I think I'll give up posting under this username.


In fact I am going to give up before I even complete this se


Wahey. Did it.


Anyone else stick to their vows?


Yep, I really enjoyed that first bit of chocolate a week ago, when Lent ended (05/04/09) ;)

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Yep, I really enjoyed that first bit of chocolate a week ago, when Lent ended (05/04/09) ;)


I finished Lent on Palm Sunday as well. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to when it ends though?? I went for the earlier option - couldn't last any longer without chocolate, especially since my other half found it hilarious to eat full bars of the stuff in front of me all the time :(

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I have no idea what lent is all about, the Easter Bunny making a glutton of himself eating pancakes maybe? Talking of pancakes, aside from 3 weeks ago when I lied and told my family it was Shrove Tuesday so we could have pancakes for tea, what is the deal with Crepes Suzette? I thought they were just normal pancake mix with melted butter added but my friend tells me you have to do stuff with Brandy and fire to make them, whats that then?


Look them up in a cookery book.


The main thing is that they are filled with a rich and delicious orange-based sauce. It's a bit naff to have a waiter flame them for you in a restaurant, but the fact is that they are absolutely scrumptious.



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