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When it says skating does the article refer to ice skating or roller skating?


I think it sounds like a really good idea, but it does seem that the intial ideas mentioned in the article are demonstrating that the idea is to try to fit as much as possible into this Wave building. I hope they stick to their plans if they continue with such ideas.

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Congratulations to the Sefton Group, I think the island will be very grateful for such a facility.


Unfortunately in this day and age £30 million is quite realistic, especially for something that size. Your typical 3/4 storey building to hold 400 office workers will set you back at least £6 million. This is a public building, much bigger and far more complicated.

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They do have plans for the other sites, I think it invloves combining the palace and Castlemona into a single complex.


the true picture will out in the end .. anything to do with ferguson lacy will be for his benefit not the islands i would bet my house on it.


and the tax payer will foot a goodly chunk of any construction costs in grants you just wait and see .. to my mind they will just relocate what we already have to a new tax payer subsidised complex.


and cash in on the other sites .. he doesnt wine and dine the islands top shopkeeper and farmers for the fun of it.

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