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New Xbox 360 Hardware Revision


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The Resident Evil 5 special edition console that's currently on sale in GAME (and elsewhere I'm sure) is the latest and greatest 'Jasper' chipset revision, both CPU and GPU are now at 65nm and power consumption is reduced, so it all runs a lot quieter than previous iterations and is far less likely to RROD than the earlier hardware revisions. (Although 'Falcon' was pretty reliable too.)


As it's an Elite it comes with a 120GB hard disc so bags of room to install games (all games can be installed to hard drive since the last major dashboard update), the end result of which is that it's possible to play a 360 game in a quiet room and, well, you'll be playing a 360 in a quiet room.


The RE5 console is currently the only way you can guarantee getting a Jasper revision, other stock on the shelves may be the older Falcon revision (certainly the other Elites in GAME are), it is possible to check upfront. (Fair play to GAME for letting me check in store.)


The only potential problem with the RE5 console is that it's bright red, as is the pad that comes with it, which may be a good or bad thing depending on your opinion of having your electronic goods presented in bright red.


It comes with RE5 which is an OK game, but since the bundle is only £230 and a regular Elite is £210, you should be able to make the £20 difference back just by trading RE5 in if you don't want it.


I'm finding it a lot easier to live with than my original Premium, which sounded like a jet turbine when it was going flat out, add in the superlative 360-only DLC for GTA4 (The Lost and The Damned) which costs a mere £13.60p, and I've been rediscovering some proper 360 loving recently.


The 360 has always been a PS3-beater in terms of games and content IMO, but the PS3 has, until now, been a far superior piece of hardware - with the Jasper chipset revision the 360 hardware is now what it should have been to start with (only took four years eh?.....), so there's no excuse not to chuck the PS3 in the bin and get a 360.

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Not quite sure what the point of your post was.

Buy a new 360 cus it might be quieter? or 360 fanboyism

but no chipset updates will shut the deafening dvd drive up.


The only way to shut a 360 up is to install every game to the hd. Then it gets more towards the ps3 volume level.

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Surprised it's that much quieter, the noise was mainly the drives rather than fans. Pretty happy with my quietness of my Elite after you copy the games to hdd.


It wouldn't be worth upgrading from a Falcon chipset Elite, but for anyone still limping on with one of the original 20GB Hoover impersonators, I'd say it'd be well worth the investment. Certainly the DVD-ROM drive is still the noisiest element of the new Jasper chipset 360s, but the internal fans are definitely quieter (I still have my original 360 premium in the same room, so it's not just wishful thinking).


HDMI is cool as well, component gives great picture quality but it's a pain in the arse when it comes to cable clutter.

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Where in the dashboard does it give you the option to download games to the harddrive?


Go to My XBox, then to Game Library, then go to the game you want, and select install to hard drive, I'm not sure if the option only appears if the disc is in the drive or not.


Do note you'll have to have the disc in the console even to play the game from the hard drive, but it'll just spin up to check the disc is there, and then spin down and run everything from the hard drive.


It's faster to load, and a lot quieter too, if you have the hard drive space, you absolutely should install any game you want to play.

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There is 4 drives for the 360 too. I dont know if the noise differs from each drive but if you find it a prob then changing the drive might help. All new 360's will use the LiteOn drive so if thats a big problem just swap it for a Samsung or something. I have a release 360 and that RROD'ed and I had to take it to bits to add the new bolts and chuck out the old crappy x-clamps, worked a treat so i would not worry abotu RROD if you can use a screw driver :P


Anyone ever watercooled a 360? Got a old one given to me free and wanted to do something special with it. Was thinking none conductive water and just bath the whole motherboard or something. Any ideas would be great cheers.

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Is the 60nm chips feature reduced in anyway ? I know the ps3 cut out the backwards compat to reduce costs ? what ya say Animal


I think it's basically a die shrink for the GPU (Falcon was 65nm CPU but 90nm GPU, now they're both 65nm), and the usual reducing costs where they can, but the 360 does its backwards compatibility in software and always has done so it shouldn't reduce functionality in any way.

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