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Let them build the mosque as long as plannining approves and at their own cost, there are loads of buildings all over the world, very beautiful buildings in fact, most are religious or faith based, I am an atheist and am happy for any faith building to exist just as long as I am not forced to either pay for or attend. And by the way this island is no more christian than khatmandou, it is secular, pure and simple...in fact if this place followed any kind of doctrine it would be capitalism. Also, if you read a good translation of the Quran you will find that it is actually a very peaceful faith in comparison to the Jewish faith, however it's interpretation of the treatment of women is shocking.......anyway I'm off to put in planning permission for a pastahaus...where I can worship the flying spaghetti monster :lol:

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The 'no mosque on the island' group has been around for a while now. I remember saying at the time that they were not helping by being very racist about it, and should maybe try something along the line of it being an unproductive use of space, encouraging social segregation etc., but they were enjoying saying that Manchester had been ruined by Muslims too much to be bothered with it. I think at the time the discussion section was closed because so many people were objecting to the racism.

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Guest hunyani

Bulldoze tynwald hill down and build a huge fuckoff mosque there and do away with that christian pile of shit church at the end of the dirt road at the other end.

ALLAH AKBAR......(BOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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Of course, opposition to a mosque isn't technically racist but 'm pretty certain there'd be less opposition if the worshipers were more white.


I think this opposition to the mosque IS technically racist:


Katie Glover wrote

at 9:10am on April 17th, 2009

No mosque, paki's are hangin!!! They all want fked in a bottle of bleach..... Dirty stinkin twats!! This is the isle of man not the isle of paki!!! Do 1 pray somewhere else..... Like of douglas head.


Agreed - she is being openly racist - and apparently without a care that she is identifiable. However, moslems aren't a "race" under any of the legal definitions and therefore simply "opposing a mosque" is not in and of itself racist.


It is possible to oppose a mosque (theological/philosophical/planning objections)without being racist albeit that this appears to be the minority position but I do accept (and implied same in my post) that most objections are likely to stem from the objector's racism.







Agreed. Googled and found her facebook page. And she does look rather thick. :-)


NB: I haven't visited the facebook site (blocked) and have assumed that the quotations given by Ans* are representative of the group's comments.


*quotes that leave me uncertain whether to laugh or cry.





Seems to have retracted her comments from the facebook page, might be an idea for mods to do the same from here.....

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As a Manxman I treat all non- Manx with equal contempt, race, colour or religion don't come in to it


In fact I probably treat most Manx with contempt


However I am not averse to making a few bob, so any religious group short of a place to worship can use my restaurant on quiet nights e.g Monday Tuesday Wednesday as long as they all buy a burger


I would point out that all our burgers are prepared to strict Halal/ Kosher/Bhuddist/ B'hai/ etc. standards

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This group was made up by myself, I set this group up for people to express their opinion and views, my sister is Muslim she has married a muslim Moroccan and they have a daughter together. I think the racist comments are unacceptable and I have personally deleted them. Apart from the racist comments there has been some very good and interesting comments for and against a Mosque, myself I am not bothered if a mosque is built or not, live and let live is my opinion.

This is a great threat, interesting subject on this site and facebook,




The link and the link for the mosque is in the description. Also since this group has started nearly 30 people have joined the other group and started a discussion on their wall.

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