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Mrbees says I'm not allowed a motorbike, I wouldn't want to race it or go too fast or anything mad but they look quite nice and are handy for nipping in and out of traffic.


But you can't eliminate the most dangerous part of motorcycling which is car drivers.


Not dissing car drivers either (I am one of them!) but there are some dumbasses that can't seem to figure out junctions and that little thing called "looking" before pulling out.


Driving past Kewaige school t'other morning through the 20mph zone and I was overtaken by 3 bikers (not cars you'll note). However only one of them was doing about 50 so that's ok. "there are some dumbasses that can't seem to read speed limits".



Thats a 20mph zone? :rolleyes:


It is during school opening and closing times, based on a matrix board over-riding the normal 40mph limit.

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I went to Peel yesterday via the main route and I have to say that what with all the freshly painted kerbs, and the newly erected crash barriers, it all looks rather impressive. I mean it's like a real racing circuit and that. I actually got a feeling as to how alluring it must be for motorcycle racers to be able to hammer super fast machines around roads that have a huge efficient organisation behind them to ensure that they are clear of obstacles or even oncoming traffic. There can't be many experiences to compare what that must be like. Hey, for a while there i was even picturing what I imagined to be a racing line, lol,lol...... (Had to nip that in the bud...; )) I have glimpsed what the TT is, and have respect..............



I shouldn't think they have time to admire the paintwork!


Well they do.... sort of, the painted kurbs (black and white) just become one white line!!

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that will give you a better idea. .. unfortunately for you it requires balls..


I don't think it does give me a better idea actually - I've seen onboard laps before and find them akin to a playstation game or something. They're VERY boring, and don't give you any sense of what it must be like to be doing it for real. Probably good for learning all the corners, particularly if you don't live on the island, but only useful if you intend to actually do some racing on the course. Which obviously I don't. And why does watching a video require balls?



lol, 150mph is slow according to Mr Jefferies. Man of steel!


Didn't he get killed though?

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