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Web Stats January 2005


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Unique visitors: 6,375

Hits: 1,876,668

Bandwidth: 9.38GB


Most Popular Day of the Week: Tuesday

Most Popular Hour of the Day: 4pm

Most Users Browsed for Duration: 5mn-15mn

Most Used Entry Page: http://www.manxforums.com/forums/


Most Popular Operating System: Windows 95.3 %

Most Popular Browser: MS Internet Explorer 75.2 %


Top Search Key Phrase: Manx Forums


New User Registrations: 61

New Topics Created: 445

New Posts: 7,419

Topic Views: 120,791

Private Messages Sent: 497

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Perhaps you guys should start supporting it by recommending it. You have loads of advertising space on this site that is not used, so get some banners up. 'The ManxForums team recommends...." etc.


Be proactive cos believe me half the people out there arn't even aware that its available, and just use IE cos it's already installed on their machines.


Spread the word... ;)













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