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Tempting Deal On Steam At The Moment

Cresta Fiesta

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Arguably worth it for Bioshock and Civ4 + expansions alone if you don't already have them.


I've played out Bioshock on the 360 but fancied a crack at the PC version, and have always wanted Civ3 + Civ4 but never got round to them, plus there's nice stuff like Pirates and all the old X-Com games in there as well.


Everything on the list for £34.99 until the 7th.


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£10 for the Xcom collection is a it of a bargain but having to install steam is a deal breaker, I refuse to have that hateful piece of software on my computer.


Anything in particular you don't like about it?


I get pretty much all my PC games through Steam these days and it's never caused me any hassle at all. You can authorise games to run in offline mode and have them installed on as many PCs as you want, so an internet connection isn't required past the initial install, all games are automatically patched and updated, you can make local backups (HDD or disc) of the installs, all games are available from a single launcher, no need for discs in the drive to play - what's not to like?


Steam makes PC gaming a lot more tolerable IMO.

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£10 for the Xcom collection is a it of a bargain but having to install steam is a deal breaker, I refuse to have that hateful piece of software on my computer.


Strongly disagree. Steam and other digital delivery sytems are the way forward. Do you want to go into Game for the rest of your life, get ripped off and have to listen to a zitty youth who knows jack shit about your tast in gaming telling you what to buy? Or ordering online and having to wait days for it to arrive?

Not me, I want to buy it and download it straight away, have it auto-patch for me and save all my save games stored on-line so when I have to re-install my OS it's one less thing to back-up.

Whilst all other companies bitch about piracy affecting future games production and threaten PC games in general for Consoles, Valve are laughing their arses off by beating a good number of pirates/warez sites.


Not a rant at Scarbunny as he's a good mate, just my opinion.

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Good deal, shame I already bought most of these games on steam!

I also I don't understand all this hate for steam, a few years ago it had its issues. However no it is a perfect piece of software, I purchase most of my games of there now. I get them quickly and easily. I can spend more time playing rather than spending time in a shitty game store where frankly I wish to tell them to naff off, as I know more about what I want than you do.


You should seriously try steam out again, it is amazing.

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Not in my two experiences. The first was buying Sin:Episodes a few years back, I had had to move back in with my parents due to being skint and they still had dial up, little did I know that before I could play my game I would first have to install and update Steam, not a problem I thought at the time I had heard good things. A few days latter I was finaly allowed to be seriously disappointed by the game vowing never to use Steam again.


Then earlier this year I bought Dawn of War 2 physical copy because I hate the whole DD system if I’m paying money I want a physical product I don’t care that it is just a symbol I still want it, if I’m downloading something there is no way in hell I'm paying.


So I stick my physical media in the drive happy I would soon be fighting the xeno scurge. Then I realise it requires Steam and a quietly sob as I see the next few days of play disappear into installation and updates. The installation of the game took less then 10 minutes I was happy, my fears about Steam and all its crappy long install times gone. Then I try and run the game, Steam needs an update fine I think I now have 8meg Broadband this should take minutes, 2 hours later the download and install is finished. So I run the game, oh the game needs an update to, quick search on the interwebz show it is only 100mb that cant take that long to download. After 3 hours I gave up and went to bed.


My big issue comes down to the restrictions really, the patch for DoW2 fixed multiplayer bugs, I have yet to play multiplayer, surely a better solution would have been to let me play but disable multiplayer? Or let me download the patch from a server that offered me speeds better than dial up.


Now I had no firewall/AV installed as I had just reinstalled Vista fresh that morning, the ports of my router were all open as had opened them up a few years back from playing BF2 so there was no reason on my end for the slow speeds.


But as always your mileage may vary, but I now refuse to use Steam, or any of its DD counterparts if in the future the whole world goes DD then I will have to give up buying games.


Its often quicker easier and cheaper to go to the shop and buy the thing, or even order it online, Shopto.net are especially good having everything in my hand next day.

Edited by scarbunny
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Steam's download speeds seem bulletproof to me, it routinely maxed out my 8-meg connection (around 700 kb/s) and is now doing to the same on my new 16-meg connection (over 1MB per second, which really isn't bad going), it's a lot faster than, for example, XBox Live which is agony when a game like Burnout Paradise needs a 1.2GB update - set a couple of hours aside for that!


In the early days Steam was pretty wank, but Valve have done an awful lot of work on it over the years and it's now a good, solid, dependable game delivery system.


Initial installation, registration, and updating can take a while, but that's a one-time hit, once it's done you don't have to worry about it again. And as I said, you can have it installed on multiple PCs, so for example I have it installed on Mrs Fiesta's laptop and she logs in as me to play the games she likes on there (the PopCap stuff mainly). I also have it installed on my own laptop so when I go away I can play the games I want to, no need for an internet connection once the game has been installed and authorised for offline play.


There are some stupid things about Steam, like games sometimes costing more on there than they do in GAME (I bought DOW2 from GAME 'cause it was a tenner cheaper than on Steam, but it still hooked into Steam OK and runs from there fine), but overall I have no problem with it whatsoever and haven't done for years. It's also great for playing older games (like the X-Com stuff) 'cause you know they've all been sorted to work properly on XP and Vista and they cost buttons as well.


It makes buggering around with discs and installs and license keys and manual patching seem positively archaic, and also guarantees that everyone's running the same version of the game.

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Steam is convenient, the only downers are they tend to be very expensive compared to actually purchasing the physical product on Amazon or Play


I really can't see how they can justify price discrepancies like £34.99 for Dawn of War II whilst it was available on Amazon for £17.99. I'm all for convenience, but not at that markup


Many other games are the same - Steam is a rip off.

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