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Battlefield 1943

K.os Theory

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So the new(ish) battlefield was released yesterday on XBLA, for 1200 points I figured I'd have a peice of the action, downloaded no probs however trying to get onto a game didn't happen ( EA/DICE weren't expecting the massive numbers of people downloading it :huh: ).


Had a quick blast of the tutorial though and got to admit it's probably the best looking downloadable title out there, it uses the Frostbite Engine so expect much destruction!


Trawling the EA forums i stumbled across this thread, it's a bit long winded but jebus the guy has a real bee in his bonnet over the fact he can't play immediately! :lol:



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managed to get online last nite, brilliant fun just like the battlefield's of old!


Only 3 maps at the moment, but from today onwards once the global kill-count gets to 43million a fourth map is unlocked ( which if I remember correctly is complete aerial based map! )


For the cost this is one of the best XBLA games i've had the joy play!

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The other ps3 owner was playing something else.




I read that 80,000 people downloaded it off XBLA on the day of release...just to put that into context they thought that the reworking of bionic commando was a massive success when it was downloaded by 100,000 people in 1 week!


They ( DICE ) initially said there would be no DLC for the game, I wonder if they're re-thinking that strategy now? ;)

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I don't know how anyone can play first person shooters with a gamepad, I have repeatedly tried but I'm so cack-handed at it I always give up.


Hopefully there will be a PC version of BF1943.


Not til september though, this was a statement on the EA Forum:


Dear PC Gamer(s),


I know you might feel disappointed about the PC release being in September rather than June, but you should be very happy to know this is to give us the proper development time to create a proper PC version of Battlefield 1943 and not a console port. To the contrary of some less informed fans out there this is in no means an intentional ploy to punish our PC fans. And is in fact quite the opposite, we want to make the best damn PC version we can for our PC fans!


Not to bore your eyes out with endless text about the how's and do's I will say to make this a proper PC version we need a completed core game to develop over and remember we already released Battlefield Bad Company with the Frostbite Engine on the consoles, so this will be first PC game ever released using Frostbite! PCs are an open platform requiring additional features, support, technical consideration, and can't just be thrown out there using copy/paste. We have thought very carefully about this decision and in the long run felt it was the right choice even though we knew we'd catch some flak for it, but we feel once you play the first Frostbite PC game ever from DICE you'll see why we put this extra time and care in on the development making all right again in the universe. I hope this helps clear things up better and answers your concern(s).




Gordon Van Dyke

Battlefield 1943 Producer

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Even though I have both 360 and PS3 ( make that 3 owners on here Slim ), I'll probably wait til September for the PC version - I'm still heavily playing Battlefield 2.


However, another week of Hard drives failures and reinstalling Win 7 could see me download it for either console....

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had a bimble around on the demo yesterday and endded up buying the full game, i found it played well, ok the graphics are not cutting edge but its hugely enjoyable even if limited to 3 maps, them planes are going to keep me quiet for hours till the likes of Operation flashpoint2 and Mw2 hit the shelves

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