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District 9

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I went to see the film, mainly to cheer the other half up - thought it was going to be some transformery type film that I would have to endure - but WOW - very pleasantly surprised.


Came out of the cinema thinking - damn, been a long time since I came out of a movie thinking that was a damn good film. Would go back and see it a 2nd time too.


Amazing to think the lead has never acted before and didnt even audition for the part.


Thoroughly recommend. 5 thumbs up!

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Any guesses how long it will be before Animal turnes up in this thread decrying the extensive use of CG in the film and then somehow managing to throw in a reference to it being almost as bad as The Dark Knight? ;)


District 9 has the benevolent sort of CGI, where it's a necessary part of the film and it's not flashy in any way, it's also convincing and natural, it's part of telling the story.


Overall, the CGI in District 9 is absolutely exemplary.

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Other potential plot holes:-


How come when it's taken 20 years to collect enough fluid and then Wikus sprays loads of it on himself they still have enough to fly the ship?


Also in a shanty town of 1.8 million it seems highly unlikely that the first shack Wikus looks for refuge in when the helicopters arrive just happens to be Christopher's.

He only sprayed a bit of the mugwump jism, maybe they just extracted enough and a bit more to make sure they could make it back


As for the other one it's not really a plot hole, it's just a bit of artistic license.

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