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Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To


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On 18/02/2018 at 9:29 AM, Chinahand said:

Last week it was Chet, this week it is Elvis:


Just listened to that again, China. A commendable version and maybe accompanied by Diana Krall, Elvis's spouse, on piano. Thing about Chet's version, and his voice was, at times, it could almost sound like a sax!

Listening to Mose Allison at the moment...



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Nah Quilp, Costello's wrote and recorded Almost Blue, decades before he met Krall. Keyboard player is almost certainly Steve Nieve of the Attractions/Imposters. Although Baker was probably an influence on it's writing - he played on Shipbuilding on Costello's next lp.  

There was an interesting documentary on Baker in the later in 80's with him playing Almost Blue. 

Incidentally, there's a great Italian Detective novel set in Bologna called Almost Blue in which the song interweaves through the narrative. 

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Yeah, I agree with you there. I had 'Get Happy!!' (strangely enough during a long bout of black dog) and 'I can't stand up...' the latter being the fave of the two. Great band, the Attractions. Pete Thomas is some drummer...


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