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Go On Then, What Are You Kistening To


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Yeah, Savages are a good band, I saw them in Barcelona & Japan this summer and they were excellent each time. Real sense of tension in their act, that I don't get so much from the lp.


Could you do us a favour, next time, instead of a link to YouTube could you just say the name of the band in your post. YouTube interrupts the music I'm listening to and takes an age to load. Which is a pain. You can still provide a YouTube link if you want (though an audio link would be better, music videos being a dated and failed experiment).

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Will you be having salt and pepper with it? smile.png


Bananaman - seriously? You can dance to that? I am impressed. It was ok to begin with but then ...maybe its my speakers..


I am not listening to anything at the moment, except for Bonobo which I have been listening to for at least the last year, there is nothing quite like it. See?


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So what does everyone think of the new Stone Roses track ?


Personally, I think it's too rushed, lyrically very poor with an average melody. Was expecting a lot more. Not just a remixed Seahorses B side.


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