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Wanted - Fruit Machine

Cresta Fiesta

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Like you get in pubs and clubs, preferably a pretty modern one.


Nowhere over here seems to sell them, they're pretty cheap in the UK but getting one to the IOM immediately doubles the price and then some, and there are loads of them over here, there must be some that have been retired from active duty that it's possible to buy.


I've tried Island Automatics with no success.


Have cash waiting! PM please.

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Island Automatics usualy break them up and despose of them, I heard you need some sort of license to own one.


Hmmm I'd heard it wasn't the ownership so much as selling them and/or running them for profit that required a license. I'd be quite happy to accept a 'free' fruit machine and pay £150 delivery, if you get my drift. I may just have to get one imported which is daft considering how many there are over here.

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