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[BBC News] Kayaker meets 13ft basking shark

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Follow up story.


Plankton describe the moment they came face to face with a 4m (13ft) basking shark off the coast of the Isle of Man.

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WTF :o I have had the pleasure to witness these fine creatures at close quaters myself but do not feel the need to ring up BBC news, a very slow newsday indeed

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I use a kayak jim and do not feel the need to be right on top of them, not because i am worried, if it shark wishs to swim towards me that fine, if it wishes to keep its distance thats also fine, i've been alot closer just not always had the camera with me


what piss's me off is............... Ooo rant time :o


last friday while out in our kayaks myself and 3 other friends doing a bit of fishing and mooching around some of the coves south of port erin, on the way back from the sound while the 3 of us where fishing one of the Boys decided to go back and follow the rocks along back to pt erin and stumbled upon a lone basking shark heading south into Bay Fine, In close pursuit was a a small woodern diesel powered boat travelling along side the shark keeping it 'Pinned' to the rocks,as i paddled over to my friend to say we where heading back to the beach and he pointed out the shark it was then as i paddled past the boat the skipper came out with the remark of ' Don't menace the shark' i thought 'wtf' your the one in the clunky noisey boat that is trying to get as close as he can as he was less than 20 metres at times while under power, i thought the rule for boats was if in the close proximity of a shark they had to be in neutral.



copy and paste from here..www.manxbaskingsharkwatch.com


Boat Control in Basking Shark Hotspots.


· Restrict your speed to below 6 knots and avoid sudden speed changes.


· Do not approach closer than 100m.


· When closer than 100m switch the engine to neutral to avoid injuring sharks.


· Avoid disturbing groups of sharks as you may disrupt courtship behaviour.


· Do not approach areas where basking sharks have been observed breaching.


· Jet-skis seriously disturb basking sharks, they should stay at least 500m away.


· For every shark visible on the surface there are likely to be many more just below.


· Avoid sailing your boat along the foamy, plankton-filled tidal fronts. They are often full of jellyfish and floating seaweed. This is where the sharks feed.

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