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Can Anyone Fix An Xbox 360 On The Island?

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Its similar to the "towel trick" where you wrap the console in towels and have it over heat for 20 minutes expanding the hardware making the connections again, but after a week the board returns to its previous shape causing it to fail again.


You can just register the box as an intermittent RRoD on the support site, they don’t check any consoles coming in with that fault and just ship a refurb.

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I do X-clamp replacements and reflow the solder. Good for the ol 3 rings of death....


Thing is a friends egg box video would not output to the TV but the sound would. I told him to try using the VGA cable and it worked... if its a plasma/lcd tv i would try and borrow a VGA... if it works you can buy a 25 quid VGA cable rather than a MS 50 quid fix


If you want the x-clamp replacement i will do it for 20 quid

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