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Did you say you were married/attached ?


I have chatted to a few people over the years about this subject and i cannot belive how many people are up for this type of thing even when they are attached.



If she has a boyfriend/husband.. I feel very sorry for him!

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There's no sadder recognition of a failing present than to reach out to try and recapture a failed past. And he's only got one bollock.

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Just for statrers, I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with an unattached individual having a one night stand, or even multiple one night stands - though if they are involved with somebody else that is a very different issue, and there are emotional and physical health issues with extreme promescuity (I leave the definition of extreme promescuity to each individual - I believe it encompasses a wide range, though I am most likely on the conservative end!)


But ...


For all the physical enjoyment a good shag gives a person, there is another level to a successful sexual relationship; and that is the companionship and bonding coupling gives.


To suppress those feelings which good sex brings and to totally focus only on its physical aspect ends up discounting the whole sexual experience.


Relationships should grow, to deliberately suppress that growth will eventually empty the act.


Sympathy shags, one last night of fun etc etc yeah they can be enjoyable, but they ultimately lead no where and simply become a block from moving on.


There is a huge risk of the two sides having different objectives in such a relationship - one side seeing it as maybe growing into something more, the other a convenient source of relief until something better turns up.


Both those attitudes are likely to end up devaluing sex and its role in bonding a couple together.


Ms Ogden - I would think carefully before removing your clothes!

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Hi everyone, recently I bumped into an old flame of mine...we swapped numbers and he has made it clear he would like to pick up with a bit of fun now and again..... he has left the ball in my court, I know what i am going to do, but I wondered what you lot would do!

Have you ever done this and if so would you recommend or would you stay clear?

Stay clear. He's the past.


But I suspect you won't click


Didn't find you again via your sister's 'phone sex' chatline did he?


Relationships should be much more than all this.

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Do it.... without small talk, dinner, reminiscing, kissing or any of the things you would associate with a proper relationship. You meet, shag and leave at the same time, preferebly from a neutral location( hotel etc). Doing it at either persons house would be a mistake.


Then you'll know if you can both handle it or if there is something beneath the agreement. Some people can handle sex without intimacy, some feel empty and used. If it happens for a second time then you've probably got it sorted but there's a high probability that it wont.

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Ask yourself, what would Jesus do?

He'd get nailed....


:lol: I doubt he would, he'd probably be some boring and repressed celibate.


keep up, the 'nailed' reference would have been a piss take on 'nailed to the cross' :rolleyes:

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Just go for it.

If he turns out to be 'hair trigger', then send me a pm ;)


What could possibly go wrong. And as someone else often says on here, if there's no pictures it didn't happen.


Just before Gladys berates me for being married - I was joking about the pm.

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Personally i see this as human nature, if i was in your shoes i would go for it, life is too short :P


This should be the way life should be treated, take all the chances that come your way you feel will bring some excitment.


Or wish you had taken those chances when they have stopped coming your way long ago.


Hilda, before long you will look like Dot Cotton, and she does not float my boat.

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