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[BBC News] Manx Grand Prix races will start


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So, now we've had a moment to peruse and ponder a small part of Lee's photo album does anyone have any idea what we are to make of it, and how it should sway our opinion of island road racing and the allowance thereof? And furthermore, what does it tell us of Lee's mental stability, or lack thereof?

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It not just bikes that race the mountain



One of them Caterhams was waiting in the lay-by just up from the Waterworks last week when I was over for the MGP Practice. It waited until I had passed on the bike, and then shot out behind me obviously looking for a race !!


As soon as we came out of the Gooseneck, I pulled over and let him go as I'm not personally into racing on the roads whether it's bikes or cars.


Anyway, I watched him disappear into the distance, and on a few occasions he was overtaking more than one or two cars at a time on the bends leading up to the mountain mile.


So yes, it's not just the bikes you have to look out for.

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So yes, it's not just the bikes you have to look out for.


Totally agree...the problem is that this "road racing capital" tag means that every numpty thinks they are a Rossi or a Schumacher....i seem to recall someone from one of the owners clubs banging on about their blast over the mountain....its that sort of recklessness that I can do without....


And locals arent beyond reproach by any means.....

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