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Should The Children Of Bad Parents Be Taken Away As Babies And Offered For Adoption ?

Bad Parenting  

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I saw this poll in the Daily Mail today and when I looked, the results were...


Yes 87 percent

No 13 percent


So I wondered how the Manx Forums poll would reflect these numbers. PS First ever poll so I've probably made a right Polly of it. But here goes...


Q. Should the children of bad parents be taken away as babies and offered for adoption?


PPS I voted 'Yes'

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A poll in the Daily Mail.


Well I never.


eta I voted yes but as in all these sort of things, there need to be proper controls and audits of all the decisions.

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I wouldn't agree with automatic adoption though. The parents should be given a chance to 'reform' before a permanent decision is taken.


I don't like this sort of state interference at all but if it saves innocents then I suppose it may have to be tolerated.


Certainly the present system seems to be leaking like a sieve.

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Yes yes and a thousand times yes.


The continued subsidising of awful parents with awful scum morality is doing nothing less than supporting a sub culture with a gutter morality that grows in number with every kid born into it that if left to nature would take themselves out of the gene pool.


There are times when the best outcome has to be the least worst and leaving a child to be brought up by some welfare witch and a succession of different men in the background and with roll models that are simply the scum of the earth is far and away worse than having adoptive parents, or even being brought up in a children’s home.

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Bad children? No, really it should be that ALL children are removed from their parents at the age of 2 and handed over the state. At massive education and development centres children can be brought up in a state-sanctioned, standardised way until they are mentally prepared for the work.


What would you define as a bad parent though? But yes.. they should be taken away...

Most sensible place to start.

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