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2 Fast 2 Furious

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I cannot lie, today I did 69mph on the mountain mile


Was that on an afterburner, having lit one of your own farts?

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I cannot lie, today I did 69mph on the mountain mile - what’s the fastest you have driven on the open roads?


To answer the question honesty and to encourage the anger of the all Island speed limit Jonnies I've had 120mph twice coming over the mountain. But it was in the early nineties; too many cars on the road now to risk it!

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Just looked back over the old thread and got say guys if you drive over a sensible speed on public roads your just playing Russian roulette with not only your lives but others.


Okay you might have been lucky and survived this time but you never know when that loaded chamber is coming for you.


Not just that but the cavalier attitude to the fact that a collison at the speeds that have been bragged about would almost certainly result in death. Not just yours but of the poor sods you've just crashed into at 120+ mph.


Of course there will be the responses along the lines of...


"I know these roads like the back of my hands".


"I've been driving fast for years and never had an accident".


"Its the slow drivers that are dangerous".


"You've just got to watch the roads".


If your that good at driving fast, get a license and get on a track. All this bragging sounds like idiots trying to out idiot each other.

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