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I have to take the Citroen back to Spain. I need to sort out some heavy lifting at the farm and sort out inventories at end season. My back means I cannot lift on my own


I go out mid afternoon on 22 September and arrive back 19.00 30 September


Any one fancy sharing the driving, boat cruise and a few days in Sitges




22 Sept 15.30 ferry to Liverpool, drive to Portsmouth, hotel overnight


23 September Boat Portsmouth Santander 24 hour cruise


24 September drive to Barcelona stay farm house


25 September tidy farm house and position vehicles. Involves moving 2 half rolls carpet into shed and some heavy boxes to tip stay farm


26 September IKEA trip to buy new fridge freezer and two new double mattresees and put in place stay Sitges apartment


27 Sept to 29 Sept stay in Sitges in apartment


30 Sept 11.00 fly Barcelona to Liverpool and Liverpool to IOM


You will need a full driving licence and be over 25 for my insurance


You would have own hotel room, luxury cabin on boat and own rom at farm and in Sitges apartment


Its sharing about 650 miles driving and about 4 hours work at farm and 6 hours work shoping trip and then unloading


PM me if interested

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Refreshing to see someone offering a relative freebie than asking for 'sponsorship' for an overseas jolly.

For sponsorship read 'I'll go, you pay'


is this barbed comment aimed at me?

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I can't believe no ones took you up on this John. I wish I'd got some holiday left. Sounds like a great break to me.


Had three PM's


One had to give back word when work came up, second could n't make my dayes, which are cast instone as there is only one sailing to Santander from Portsmouth per week and I won't sial to Bilbao on P&O as its 36 hours on a car ferry


About to reply to third one


Anyone else


I'd like to meet LDV and see what makes him tick. He is almost as idealistic as I was at that age.

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