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Nightclub Naughtiness


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Perhaps you two should get a cubicle.


I think that given his earlier views on bumsex he wouldn't be up for that. ;)

but also, vice versa it seems


No, I'm up for it if you are. I'm pretty open minded.


Yes, that is obvious, as I said in my very last post. Your mother must be proud.

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Fuck me even I'm bored of this now. Other people reading must be suicidal.


How thick must you be to want to continue this garbage?


Would you like me to tell you that "You've won" so you can get back to tossing off in front of Casualty?

Again, what have you actually added to this thread? If you stop posting, perhaps we might again hear from that on topic load of spew, LDV.

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Sexual identities? I haven't ever apportioned a sexual identity to anybody. Who am I to determine? I haven't. How could I? The only real knowledge of any sexual identity is my own. And then it's just really a bunch of thoughts in my head which are impossible to define.
Well you were saying earlier that youhave confidence to attribute sexual identities to people based on knowing who they have sex with.


I haven't labelled your friend, but if you're asking me to based on your brief description (which I guess you are asking for some reason) I'd go with gay or bisexual. Don't really care either way. Does he? Do you?
And you may think that, but it isn't actually what his sexuality is. He doesn't consider himself either. I brought it up as an example.


To brand them all as homophobic is a bit messed up. Perhaps they just have different interests and priorities to you. Sounds like you're prejudiced.
No it is not messed up, actually they have the prejudice. When people determine themselves as straight-acting and then state they only like straight-acting guys it is demonstrates internalised homophobia and a heterosexist understanding of things.


It actually demonstrates what I am getting at. Because the use of the term straight-acting demonstrates that there is more to being straight (and gay) than just what you do in bed. When they say they are straight acting they are not saying they are attracted to girls or fuck girls. They are largely referring to their masculinity or perceived masculinity because it is a behaviour very much associated with heterosexuality.


Pretty much, yeah. Why do you doubt that? I wouldn't be so ignorant to assume anything else about them from such a statement.
I would doubt that, and in fact I am pretty certain, that other things will run through your mind. This is because, as I have said, the words gay and straight mean more than who you have sex with. The words are associated with behaviours (some stereotypical), they are associated with the culture based around those sexualities.


If someone told me they were gay I would immediately make assumptions and know certain things. As well as knowing who they fancy, I also know the types of people they identify with as a group - I would know they have an awareness of gay culture. I can also make assumptions on what they may like or dislike (but assumptions are assumptions). I wouldn't first and certainly not solely think about sex!


If someone said they were straight - I would recognise that they identify with other people who call themselves straight and straight culture and behaviours.


If these identities were just about who people slept with, how come you can very often tell what someone's sexuality is from looking at them or briefly talking to them?

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Then you would be very very much wrong. That is the ONLY thing I would think about them.


I've only really seen your ridiculous views on the world in two threads, this one, and the one regarding patriotism, you seem to have no clue whatsoever about how other people view the world, and how their emotions and experiences affect that.

Actually I was brought up to be straight so know how I am supposed to think.


If you anything much about sexual identities and the meaning of these words you'd realise it is no ridiculous view.


Some excerpts from wiki just in terms of heterosexuality : "Heterosexuality refers to sexual behavior and attraction to people of the opposite sex, or to a heterosexual orientation. As a sexual orientation, heterosexuality refers to "an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, physical or romantic attractions primarily to "persons of the opposite sex"; it also refers to "an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them."[1][2] The term is usually applied to human beings, but it is also observed in all mammals.


Or read something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Thinking-Straight-Pr...4679&sr=1-3

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Vulgarian is right. It's time to bow out gracefully now , LVD. You have led an interesting discussion, without malice or petty insults. To continue would be to lessen the thought provoking points of your argument.


Time to exit stage left and leave the floor to the rabble rousers. :)

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