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Another Parking Ticket Rant....


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I even asked one of them on Saturday when I parked in town if he could see my tax disc, to which he replied " yeah that pretty clear, " to which I said, " then why did I get a ticket ",....reply, " I cant really say ".



I getting ready for a battle with them, if this did go to court how would I go about proving my innocence?

As its my word, againist the ticket issuer.


I thought it would be a case of them having to prove that my disc wasnt there?


Relax, fill in the form politely contesting and that will probably be the end of the matter.


I have no idea why the TW did not see your tax disc but having not done so and issued a ticket I understand they can not withdraw. Equally if the TW did not see your tax disc I understand why he issued a ticket and it probably has less to do with not displaying than not the car not being taxed. Presumably it is as simple as the TW can not check back to the computer whether a car is taxed if no disc or an old disc is showing so can not issue a ticket for a car not being taxed but they issue a ticket for failing to display an up to date tax disc. Once you show your car was taxed then that will probably be the end of the matter.


On a personal note I am pleased they are checking up on tax discs as well as hopefully it will cut down on the number of motorists driving around without tax and insurance which in my view can only be a good thing. I suppose it could be done by automatic number recognition cameras, dives for cover.

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