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Albert Tatlock

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I like jam ones which I've nuked for a few seconds too many.


Those things are fucking lethal. And you know, it's a difference of a few seconds between luke-warm, and a jam-filled grenade that will explode in your face when you bite it, causing permanent and ghastly disfigurement.


They should use them to fight the Taliban. All they'd need is a little portable microwave. Bing! Fire in the hole! And they run shrieking out of their fox-hole covered in boiling hot strawberry jam.

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One of the airports in America I had to wait in last week had a Dunkin Donuts so I tried a French Cruller.

This is described as a light choux pastry .

It was very nice.

Another tip for you.

Don't buy anything from them after 8pm like I did on a second visit.

My donuts were stale as they'd been left all day and I took them back for a refund.

The girl behind the counter said "You're supposed to dunk them, then they'll go squishy".

The manager gave me my money back.

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