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Real Ice Rink For Festive Season

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There's been that much clamour for a skating rink I fully expect an end to teenage delinquency and alcohol abuse.


However, I suspect we'll now get moans that it's either:


1. too expensive

2. not in Ramsey, Peel, Port Erin, etc

3. not like the one on "Dancing on Ice"

4. all of the above

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The Villa Marina Gardens is to house a temporary ice rink over the festive period.


The full-size, real ice rink is being brought over by telecoms company Sure and will be open to the public for six weeks, from 23rd November until 3rd January:




That'll be really awesome - good on em and God Bless Us - everyone.

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£7 per hour seems quite expensive but I'm a miser. I wonder if a sureskate customer is the same as a normal sure customer, they have a special price, nice. I could look but cba.

£7 is the price for children as well as adults. No reduction for large numbers.

It does include the price of hiring skates. (Doh! left all our skates behind when we moved back here!)

It will be cheaper - as much as 50% for Sure customers - but they don't know yet when that announcement will be made locally - so hold off booking if you are a Sure customer!

Bloodynine: where did you find that special sure customer sessions info? They told me 2 minutes ago they didn't have any details yet. lol

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