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Anyone Tried Chapters Yet?


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No, Boots left when I was a very little child and became a toy shop (result - for a 4 year old!). I am sure there was a record shop up from there in the 70's; very dark inside and you just flicked through singles. Opposite was Sayle's haberdashery (as it was rightly called) with a fantastic staircase and gallery.


I love these 'remember the shops' games, because it unlocks so much information.

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Had Lunch today. T'was very full but the owner (who is a very affable chap) allowed us to eat downstairs in the Games Room. I had the delights of Track and Field, Defender, Ms Pacman, Galaxians 2 (Galaga) and others for free at my fingertips. Superb arcade action (and mainly originals too !).


Food came quickly, was nicely presented and not *that* expensive. Tomato Soup was lovely as mentioned before, both Steak and Burgers tasty (if a little short lacking in substance).


I think they are after a niche market and if they manage to attract and hold that I think they will do very well. I, for one, will eat there again. Especially if let loose in the arcade area.


8.5/10 for style, 8/10 for price, 8.5/10 for taste, 9.5/10 for the Arcade (no Scramble or Super Bobble Bobble :>) ) ...



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No, I am thinking of further up Victoria Street, around where the estate agents or Wimanx are now, but before Gelling's. I think it was just a record shop, but it is a very long time ago. My grandmother owned the tobacconists at one time, but that was in the 40'sish (which I don't remember, just have the family lore handed down).



Tobacconists was called Bells???? -

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I went there yesterday evening to have a look at the menu.


I have to say i'm a bit confused. They have a bistro menu which looks pretty good and is at the top end (price wise) of the usual places (Bar George, Slug and Lettuce, Court House etc) but they only serve that until 5pm. Then their fine dining is open from 6.30pm until 9pm. Starters average 10 quid and main meals average 20 quid. So it's pretty FINE dining I would hope.


Me and the wife just wanted some kind of bistro food for tea. So we quickly up sticks and left.


It does look quite a nice place, furnished well but they have certainly over-complicated their menus and times. It advertises it self as a jack of all trades but you can only have bistro food between 12pm and 5pm.


I have to say that's a bit of a let down - and surely a waste of having so much retail space if other bits are only open when the others are closed. Shame. But will reserve judgement til I've tried the place.

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Went there on the 23 October. Started with smocked duck and asiatic veg - approx £10. Portion size was very very small. The duck was unexiting, lacked flavour and the asiatic veg were cold beansprouts - not properly flavoured or seasoned. My score, a generous 2/10. My main was rack of lamb - £20. I removed 50% of the portion which was fat. This left about five small pieces of lamb. The lamb was nicely cooked. Any accompaniment was overshadowed by the bad feeling this dish generated in our party. My score 2/10. At this point a decision was made to drink up and abandon the night. We felt completely "ripped off" and I'm sure other diners will only try this restaurant once. I'm off to Delias at Norwich city football club tonight and I really wish the owners of Chapters would look at her website and fixed price menu which is excellent value at £32. The house wine at Delias is only £16 a bottle. I am saddened by a new business which will I think have to learn the hard way that people expect better value and quality. Overall score 2/10......sorry.

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Our regular 'lunch club' has eaten there once and whilst it's still on the list it didn't amaze us.


Prices on the daytime menu are reasonable (only a couple of quid more than a pub meal) but the choice was very limited and the food, whilst above average-ish, wasn't overly impressive either. The burgers need jazzing up with something (even a basic relish), the 'tumbleweed onions' on the steak sandwich just tasted burnt and dry, and the all day breakfast was, as one of my chums remarked, 'just about cooked' (he wasn't far off sending the sausages back).


TBH if it weren't for the superb games room downstairs, we'd be in no particular hurry to go back. (The games room is, however, fantastic, although there was NO PINBALL when we went.)


The place itself is very well done out, and the staff were excellent, we'll certainly be going back in due course, but it's not on the 'take the missus there in the evening' list yet.

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Popped in for lunch because Igi's apparently dont have a high chair (a little odd in this day and age), anyway....I thought Chapters was ok, we only had a lightish snack the tomato soup was lovely and i also ordered the scone which when it came was actually 3 mini scones with a choice of individual jams, honey and marmalade and a big pot of whipped cream :) .

I was a little disappointed at the coffee as it was dreadfully tasteless and weak, but i would definately go back, i might even get to check out the basement next time!

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I do agree with you Cliff and it's even more annoying when ducks wear smocks.....................

But it's shitehawks you get on cliffs not ducks

If you say so Cliff.....I do remember nearly joining a band called Shy Talk but the taste of oestrogen put me off.

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