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Anyone Tried Chapters Yet?


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Went there tonight £6 for a glass of wine ???????????

£2 for a coke????????????

£3.50 for a bottle of Bud which i think was about normal for Douglas (maybe )


Am i being a skinflint ???????????


OH and then you can get a glass of water for






or some special WATER for



£14 :o

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I went in on new years eve,


Food was nice, but tbh I thought it was a bit overpriced,


2 basic lunches(can't remember what we had exactly) and 2 glasses of lemonade, £28.00?

Had dinner in the upstairs part last week. The food was really delicious but VERY expensive. (Eg., Bottle of water £18! cheapest bottle of housewine £24.)

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Dearest water is £14, and we wont have it on new menu, surprisingly - though I am not sure how people that haven't tried it can comment objectively (it was there as a talking point mainly, cost us £12.20 by the time it made it over some other water). That said, sales are not the only reason it is not on the new menu! New wine list (that has water on it) out soon, house water is 4 I think for 750ml. Too much? Other drinks prices have been amended too since November so dunno.


Since October, when we opened, portion sizes have been amended upwards. But, eg, in the bistro bit (which as owner I agree lacks identity - fixed in next few weeks), two large slices of cheeses/tomatoes on bloomer, side salad and real chips is not expensive at £6!


Restaurant prices reflect the cost of best quality local ingredients am afraid, so spologies if for some people it seems expensive. We work to lower margins than any place in a similar segment here that I know of.


Thanks for the positives within the above though, we will get it right. Apologies for not replying earlier, didn't see the thread.




Anyone who beats an individual event world record on Track n Field gets a free meal btw.


And don't mention websites!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is the daytime menu more varied now?


We went a couple of times for lunch and it was nice enough, but it was basically burger, steak sandwich, or all day breakfast - a bit more choice wouldn't have gone amiss.


The games downstairs are cool but last time I looked there was still NO GODDAMNED PINBALL, DAMMIT!

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