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Watch Back Door Slam Gig Live Online

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There are some 'mixing' issues which they are sorting as we speak I believe...


Likewise, some strange bugs with IE7 and certain versions of Flashplayer. Firefox generally works flawlessley, as does IE8.

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Who's the old fucker on stage in the black t-shirt? Talk about loving the sound of your own voice? Who does a 10 minute speech before a rock gig? Get on with it FFS!

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The sound is a bit 'bassy', unfortunately that is the feed we get from the mixing desk.


Network drop outs are likely, the stream is of reasonable quality - so it could be contention, ADSL line etc. We dropped the quality at the last break to help. In terms of back haul, we've got tons of spare capacity still. I 'think' it may be re-broadcast at a later date for those who missed it or have had problems.


I'm busy watching *everything* like a hawk, lets say the demand for BDS is massive to say the least...

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