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Cost Of Garage Repairs

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You obviously didn't think it through then, how much money do you think a company like SCS has invested in plant alone?


I thought it through as far as I have knowledge of the one or two plumbers I know that I referred to, as a comparison of an 'average' plumber. Note the use of the singular here.

I have no knowledge of SCS other than some bad driving that I've noticed - I didn't even know they were plumbers so how am I meant to know what they spend on stuff?


Do I use 'the force' perhaps? They seem to have quite a few vehicles/employees so does that compare to a single person operating a garage?

From the sound of it you're deliberately giving an example that's out of context.


You also conveniently seem to have missed both comments I added to suggest that it's probably not a straightforward comparison:

I'd guess as with most things though there's more to it than that.

I'm no expert either


Who didn't think it through?

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WHat gets me is the amount of ppl that complain about the price of these servies plumbing garages sparkys, yes theres a one or 2 thats over priced thats worth complaing about.

but if it was that easy we would all be doing it our own.


most skilled trades ppl that have a trade spent 4 years earning £100 a week, £100 a week

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Don't think that's being questioned dude. I think what people do raise an eyebrow to though is when there a rehuge differences from one place to the next.


Eg car dealers - some of them might charge you£80-100 an hour to work on your car whereas an independant mechanic might charge you £30-40 an hour to do the exact same thing. Plus, if he's working on his own as a business it's his livelihood to make sure everything is done right. Same with a plumber or any sole trader.


With bigger companies though there's a bigger chance I think that you'll get people who don't really give a stuff about providing good service because it's easily covered up. I'm not suggesting all or most places are like that at all but it happens, and you're often paying twice as much.


I moaned about the cost of plumbing ages ago on here, and I that's why a certain person trolls any post I make if I dare discuss the holy subject, even though I'm not even criticisng it and haven't for ages.


I don't disagree with any of what you said Gazza. There's a lot of people who have to do stuff like that though to get the job they want. If you think about someone who wants to be a lawyer for instance, they'll quite likely have to accumulate large debts studying at uni etc. Not comparing the two as it's a different kettle of fish, just that a lot of jobs have a good deal of shit before you get to the point where you're doing ok out of it.

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It is surprising to see the number of people that complain about the hourly rates of hard working 'artisans'.


What about the charging out rate for, say, accountants? And they don't even have to get out of their chairs! ;)

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Try Darnills in Port Erin.....and I've seen people on here moan that Plumbers and builders are expensive a £30.00 per hour...yet are quite happy to pay these fees to garages !!!

Took the words right out of my mouth


plus the poor builders have to work out doors. unlike the plumbers .

Ha, I wish


...plus the poor plumbers don't stop work when it rains :whistling:



hee hee

plus the greedy plumers never want to get cold & wet . they have got it easy.

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