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Sorry, not been on here in ages but I need to throw this out there because it's bugging me.


They say that jumping from a great height into water is like jumping on to concrete.


But if you jump 20-30 feet into water you should be fine while you're likely to break bones if you jump from the same height on to concrete.


So, what is the pivotal height where water becomes like concrete?

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I think the height is about 100 feet, so once a falling body reaches a speed of approx 60 miles per hour or there abouts,

the result is that when you hit the water, the water can no longer move out of the way, so the effect is the same as hitting concrete.but I dont think there are any bridges that high in the Island,

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I don't think it's just a height issue actually.


For instance, if you fall out of a boat that's not moving and you're a couple of feet above water - no big deal. If you fall out of a boat going 50mph at a couple of feet - Ooyah!

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