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Another Government Strike Thread

Dave Hedgehog

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Angela Moffatt of the Prospect union says the government has made some welcome compromises, but many members still believe they won't get the pension they signed up for.

Oh really. Now where does it say they can't change your T & C's? Oh, it doesn't.


If you don't like it then vote with your feet - LEAVE THE SERVICE.


Just what planet are these people on?

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It looks like Angela Moffat has been lifting a few phrases from Allan Bell's book of clichés


In support of the Civil Servants possible strike actionshe said on Manx Radio Mandate this morning:


"This is the very time we need to be working as an Island together"

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Does anyone know what the revised proposals released yesterday are?


From Manx Radio:


Virginia Burke "Instead of having two levels of benefit - we had previously a core and supplement - we now have a single level of benefit, which provides a pension pitched in between what we had before.

"So it's targetting a pension of two-thirds of pay, payable from age 65 to somebody who has got a full career in the public sector.

"One of the key changes for existing members is that they will now have the opportunity to protect their existing pension and lump sum, at their current scheme's normal pension age.

"They will have to pay more to do that, but that we believe will be welcome by members."

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So they are STILL getting a final salary pension and are unhappy about that.


I think we will need a bigger reality bat. With a nail in it.


Release the dogs with bees in their mouths!


To be fair the public sector are making some sacrifices, though. I've heard that, due to the crisis, biscuit consumption in meetings has been severely curtailed.

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