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Netgear Dv834g V5 (mt)

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Has anybody changed the default DHCP settings on the DG834G v5 issued by Manx Telecom?


I have changed our from 192.168.0.* to 192.168.101.*


Accassionally, but not always a machine will be assigned a 192.168.0.* ip address, a repair on the adapter will send it back to a 192.168.101.* address but this is becoming more and more frequent.


Initially I thought that something else on the network was giving out DHCP but the wireless clients that get the wrong ip address say they are connected to the correct SSID just with the wrong ip being assigned by DHCP. When they get a 192.168.0.* address the network details say that is the server and gateway. I can ping this address and try to open it with IE and it welcomes me with a login page for a DG864G v5 router which has the default admin/password as credentials (my DG834G has been changed from the defaults). When I type in admin/password the config page tries to load but never completes so I can't find out the MAC address of the device.


I've hunted high and low in this building to see if another DG834G is on the network but can't find one.


It's as if the network SSID has been cloned by another router that is also giving out DHCP. It affects wireless and wired clients.

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When I type in admin/password the config page tries to load but never completes so I can't find out the MAC address of the device.


After you've pinged it, arp -a will give its MAC address.


OK, this is super spooky now. I've manually set a wireless adapter with a static 192.168.0.* ip and set as the gateway and DNS.


My wireless adapter says I am connected to my SSID but I am posting from the other ip addresses. I've just put into IE and entered admin/password and I'm in. I can see someones whole router setup. It must be in a neighbouring building.


SSID's are differerent, passphrase's are different but I can connect to his network no problems at all !!!!!!


I wonder if he can do the same in reverse?

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I think I have got to the bottom of this:





Rang the phone number that was shown in the admin page and spoke to the owner, they live 3 doors down from our site. The owner came up and I showed them the situation and during discussion it was mentioned that they had recently installed homeplugs to extend their network to other floors in the building. We have homeplugs in our building as well so it appears that when some of my machines are connecting to the network they are not going straight to my DHCP server but down the homeplug and into his building and using his DHCP server !!!

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Ah I've read about this. Basically it's a danger that depending on your external feed setup, you're often sharing the same phase with other houses in your street and it can get that far. It's for that very reason that when I was using homeplug type kit a few years ago, I changed my DHCP to dish out specific IP based on whitelisted MAC addresses. Paranoid perhaps, but I don't want to give Mrs Miggins down the road a free route into my network.

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