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Day Of The Triffids


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Eddie Izzard as the big boss

Cue a golden age of surreal jokes about cats behind the sofa drilling for oil and silly phaser settings


Worth watching the conclusion tonight

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Most TV/Film classics are best left well alone. Same for the majority of song 'revamps'.


It's a sign of a lack of talented and creative writers/artists IMO - as is the 'Xcrement factor' and 'Britains allegedly got talent', the epitome of our shoddy state of creative crapiness.


Also going from 4 (2 when I were a lad) to over 400 channels with little or no quality 'standards' for what they show, what good talent there is, is too diluted too. There might be 400+ channels, but the channels I watch I can count on two hands.

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Is still need to see the original.


Best is the original novel.

After that - go for the 1981 BBC adaption which has been repeated on BBC4 several times over the last few years.

Don't bother with the 1962 film adaption - about the only thing it has in common with the book is the title.


There have been some radio adaptions but I've never heard them so can't comment.


As for this latest effort - 5/10

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