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Writing Books/tv Etc.

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ive seriously considered writing. So for the last six months or so i have been writing short stories and putting them on various forums i participate regularly on, mainly to get those early mistakes out of the way and experiment with different styles.


got some good feedback out of it, and just got offered to try out for a spot as a regular contributor to a new martial arts mag/or possibly Ezine that debuts in Feb.


wont let that get in the way of getting a book out.


wrote my first three chapters, reading it back it feels like a strong start.

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I've written a collection of children's bed time stories, at the moment looking for an illustrator (anyone interested in being considered have a look at my website for more details) I've had some of my poems published and song lyrics that won a few prizes but these children's tales will be a first for my too. Sometimes its easy to write but sometimes its quite hard and self doubt when rereading doesn't help at all hehe.


Hopefully if will all work out ok I'm scouting for publishers at the moment.


Any recommendations would be more than welcome :)


Best of luck to all budding authors I think writing is the most liberating of experiences

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I've only just noticed this thread and one member saying he has posted some short stories on forums and gained feedback.


For those that like writing short stories and do enjoy feedback there are many great eZines that you can use as a platform. Most with good editors who take time out to point out where you are going wrong so you can then go away and improve it before it is published on the eZine.


Here's a list and their genres.

Thrillers, Killers, 'n' Chillers It's edited by Col Bury and Matt Hilton the bloke that writes the Joe Hunter series. That eZine accepts submissions from crime through to horror.


A Twist of Noir They accept crime stories


PowderBurnFlash Crime stories also, but under 1k words


MicroHorror Horror stories under 666 words in length.


Every Day Fiction any genre under 1k words, pays a token 3dollars.


New Flesh Magazine accepts anything bizzaro/horror/sci-fi


Blink-Ink For those that have something to say in under 50 words(they also do a print version)


Then for those that like the idea of getting into short story print collections you'll find a bounty of them, as well as other markets at www.Ralan.com & www.Duotrope.com


Good luck with your writing!

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Sounds a good read. CreateSpace gives you full control I guess without having to spend any money. It's just their extortionate cut that would put me off lol Then again it gets it onto Amazon's listings and provides the ISBN.


I hope you sell it by the bucket load!!

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